The Produce Capture Institute in Washington, D.C.

The Produce Capture Institute in Washington, D.C.
The PCI recently had the opportunity to meet with Senator Amy Klobuchar (D. – Minnesota) to brief her and Agricultural Legislative Aid Brian Werner on the work of the PCI and its members while attending the Feeding America Food Recovery Summit.

The Senator was interested to learn about the billions of pounds of surplus fruits and vegetables left in the fields and orchards each year. While no immediate legislative ideas were discussed, we agreed to continue to share information that could one day lead to the public sector involvement in the work of PCI members to source and distribute more of these pounds of produce.

On the same trip we sat down with Congressman Eric Paulsen to discuss the environmental impacts of agricultural waste. As a lifelong outdoorsman, the Congressman understands the drain on our natural resources when you grow and harvest fruits and vegetables only to find out the up to 50 percent never reach the consumer.

It’s important to look beyond the traditional contacts we have in produce capture work and to seek out potential partners in all sectors of the economy, in this case finding potential long-term partners within the government.